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What is the NICE Challenge Project?

The NICE Challenge Project was created to develop virtual challenges and environments to test students and professionals alike on their ability to perform NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework tasks and exhibit their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Whether it’s testing skills of professionals or teaching those skills to students, we’ve got you covered.

Recent News

Challenge Previews & Content Release 1.5

Today we are ready to reveal our newest WebPortal Feature and Content Release 1.5! The new WebPortal feature is designed to help curators specifically. It is a place on the WebPortal under the curator tab where curators can review all available challenges ahead of time. Curators will be able to see what each challenge is all about, including it's NCWF 2.0 & CAE KU mappings, without ever deploying a pod for themselves. This section comes included with a wide variety of search options so if you know what you're looking for you will not have a hard time finding it. In Content Release 1.5 we have included many updates to the Player Terminal VM as well as some fixes to the ...
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Major Web Portal Feature Beta Release: VM Consoles

We are extremely excited to announce that today we are releasing the VM Console feature on the web portal. It is in beta as of today and ready for users to start playing with it. The reason we are so excited about this feature specifically is due to how much more cohesive and simple is makes the player experience. Players used to have to log into the vSphere Web Client (which requires flash), and then navigate a cumbersome complex interface only to get access to their virtual machine consoles. Today that all changes! Now players need only login to the NICE Challenge Web Portal ( to access their virtual machine consoles from the active pods page. This is all done in ...
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